Celia Lowenstein Film Director/Producer/Lecturer

My Films

Schopenhauer on Love, 2000
Presented by Alain de Botton

The King David Hotel, 1998
The first 50 years of Israel's history

Sorry, Judas, 1993
Too controversial for American television

Rudy Giuliani: Mayor of America, 2001
Made during 9/11, with Harold Evans

Like a God When He Plays, 1997
A magical journey through Madagascar

Murray Gell-Mann, 2000
One of the most important physicists

Fascinating Fascism, 1996
Through the eyes of artist Tomi Ungerer

The Girl From Ipanema, 1996
The Bossa Nova, the musicians and their muse

The Pitt Rivers Museum… is Shut, 1989
With contributions from David Attenborough

A Festival of Jazz Piano with Julian Joseph, 2006
Traces the past, present and future of jazz piano

The Truth About Sex, 1992
The science of measuring sexual behavior

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, 2013
Susan Casey goes missing after a date

The Oblivion Seeker - Isabelle Eberhardt, 1994
Actress Juliet Stevenson retraces the journeys

African Footsteps: Miriam Makeba, 1994
South African singer returns to Guinea, West Africa